This article will show you the easiest way to change your Caller ID.

You don't need long extra steps or an overwhelming procedure, just a simple click, scroll, & select and you are all set!

First of all, click on your Main Dialer button to extend the full dialer.

At the bottom of your, you can see a box with your current Caller ID. If you press the arrow to the right, you can scroll and select the Caller ID that you want to use.

Now, depending on how many smrtPhone numbers you own, you can change between them while making a call or sending an SMS.

Note: This also applies when comes to sending an SMS from your main Dialer.

โž• As a user with granted permission, there is the option to force a specific phone number to be used as the default Outbound Caller ID per each user.

This change can be done in your smrtPhone Dashboard, in the User's settings:

Set the Default Caller ID for each user and furthermore, you can choose if this particular user can or can't change the Caller Id while performing an Outbound Call by toggling Allow/Don't Allow in the Default Caller ID section.

Allow Agents to Select the Number for Outbound Calls

If you set it on, your user will be able to switch between them, and they will see a full set of options.

Restrict Agents to a specific Outbound Caller ID

If you set it off, your agent will only use the Default Caller Id configured by the Account Owner/USers with granted permission. If they click the arrow, no additional Caller ID options will be available.

Additional Options

Learn more about Account Settings >>

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