There are three places within the smrtPhone system that you can receive an incoming call:

  1. smrtPhone Web Application (via your browser)

  2. smrtPhone Chrome Extension

  3. smrtPhone Mobile App

Each of these Dialers can place outbound calls in addition to receiving inbound calls.

Each of these Dialers have separate settings that you can customize.

Because they work independently, you can set yourself available/unavailable on any or all of the platforms. Setting yourself as unavailable on one platform does not transfer across all three.

For Example: you can decide to answer smrtPhone calls only on your mobile app. In this case, you would set your Web App to Unavailable and your Chrome Extension to Unavailable, but leave yourself online on the Mobile App.

⚠️ If you wish stop notification of incoming calls altogether, you must set yourself as Unavailable on all three dialers.⚠️

How to set yourself Unavailable by Dialer:

  • Web App: Use the toggle at the top left of the window

  • Chrome Extension: Click open the extension select the Settings Tab. There is the available/unavailable toggle.

  • Mobile App: Select the Settings Menu from the bottom Right and set your status to Unavailable.

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