There are three individual dialers within the smrtPhone product suite: The Web App (browser), the Mobile App (iOS or Android), and the Chrome Extension. In each of these places you can receive incoming calls, receive inbound text messages, place an outbound phone call, and send a text message.

There are certain functions that are synced between the dialers and some that operate independently.

Independent Features - these are separate on each dialer

  • Setting Online/Offline also known as Available/Unavailable (more info here>>)

  • Viewing Recent Calls - It depends on what happened within that Dialer

Synced Features - these work across the platforms

  • Rejecting an incoming call - declining on one dialer rejects it across all platforms.

  • Viewing Inbox - Your voicemails and messages are centralized within smrtPhone. Whenever you access your Inboxes from the Web App or Mobile App, you will see all of your messages. (Although you aren't technically accessing through the "dialer" - we thought it was important to reassure you that all messages are accessible.)

  • Contacts - while you may need to resync your Podio contacts to your smrtPhone to make sure everything is current, your contacts are centralized within smrtPhone, so you can access them from any of the three dialers.

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