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How to Make & Finalize a Call Using the Mobile App
How to Make & Finalize a Call Using the Mobile App

Make call using smrtPhone's free mobile app for iOS or Android and enter notes and a call status at the end

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Making calls using the smrtPhone Mobile App is as simple as using any of our dialers.

Follow these steps:

1. Open the App

To make a call with the smrtPhone Mobile App, you first have to open the app.

2. Select Dialer

Press the Dialer button from the lower menu. It looks like nine dots stacked together.

3. Select how you want to dial

Choose whether you'd like to type in the phone number or search your contacts.

Dial Number

If you choose Dial Number from the top of the Dialer screen, a keypad will appear. You can dial a number and press the blue phone button to call it, or you can press the envelope button at the bottom right to compose a text message.

Search Contact

If you choose Search Contact, you will be diving into the database of contacts synced from the linked CRM account.

Type the person's name. The app will automatically begin to populate based on the characters that are entered. Keep typing to narrow the list.

Scroll to the person you want to call. Click on their name, and you will be presented with a list of the numbers you have in their contact record. Select the number you'd like to call, and then press the phone icon to dial it.

You can also dial any click-to-call number from your mobile browser using smrtPhone.

4. Use the keyboard if needed to navigate an IVR

Once a number is dialed, if you need the keypad to dial an extension or enter a menu option, you can press the keypad icon.

5. Enter Call Notes

Once a number is dialed, you will be able to enter call notes in the Note box.

Also, by pressing the gear icon Action you will be able to mark the number as SPAM or DNC, directly from your Mobile App.

6. Finalize a call

Once a call is ended, you will be able to select the outbound statuses that are configured in your smrtPhone account. The call statuses help you keep a clear track of calls.

Once you've made a call, it will immediately appear in your Recent Calls list and be automatically logged into your CRM system.

iOS users can swipe left to exit the call.

7. Advanced options

As you press on one particular contact, you can see other advanced options for better customization, like:

  • Sync - Sync contact in your CRM

  • Details - About that contact

  • Rename - Change the current name

You can see these advanced options even before calls, not only after calls.

You can also watch this video below for a visual representation.

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