The smrtPhone navigation and menu structure in the Web App is design to give you the information you need in the fewest clicks possible.

The vertical navigation on the left will give you access to the product features and functionality. The horizontal navigation across the top (especially the top right corner) gives you account setup, account information, and support.



The Available/Unavailable toggle determines whether your smrtPhone will ring/push notifications of inbound communications for the Web App.

Please note: There are three dialers available within smrtPhone: the web app, the Chrome Extension, and the Mobile App. The Available/Unavailable toggles work separately for each platform. For example: You can set yourself unavailable on the Mobile app, but be available on the Web App and the Chrome Extension - or any combination.

Quick Dialer

In the middle of the top navigation is the quick Dialer. Clicking this blue button drops down a screen in which you can search for a contact or type a number and either make an outbound call or send a text.

This is also where you go to see recent calls and update your Dialer settings.

Help and Account Information

In the upper right, you have tools that help you manage your Account.

If you are a User, you will simply see: Help, What's New, and Your Account Menu.

The Account Owners and users with personalized permissions will see something similar to this:

Help Menu

Clicking on the question mark icon (❓) drops a menu that gives you access to:

What's New

Clicking on the bell icon (πŸ›Ž) opens up a panel on the right side with our latest announcements. A red badge πŸ›‘ will appear if there is a new article to read.


This shows the current credit available on your account.

Add Funds

You can manually add funds or enable/modify Auto Top-Up which will ensure your account always has credit to use, based on automated billing at a threshold you set.

Account Menu

Next to your name, there is a down arrow that will pop out the full Account Menu. This is where you'll find:

  • Switch Accounts - if you have multiple smrtPhone accounts, you can switch between them here.

  • Billing & Logs - see your charges and understand the activity behind them

  • My Account - Where you can update your password and other personal information

  • Media Manager - Update your recordings

  • Log out


Return to Dashboard

The two buttons in the upper left will return you to the dashboard screen. The smrtPhone triangle icon and the "home" icon.


The icon with the two conversation bubbles is your inbox. Here is where you'll find your text messages and voicemails for both your personal account and also for whatever groups of which you may be a member.

Remember that items can only get to your inbox based on how your inbound communication flows (Call Flows) are setup.

Call Monitoring

This is a smrtPhone Pro feature that allows Users with customized permissions to listen, whisper, and barge in on live calls. It's designated by the eye icon (πŸ‘)


For subscribers to our 4-line sales dialer, here is where you'd go to activate and manage campaigns.


smrtPhone comes preset with many KPI Reports to help understand your team, phone number, and campaign performance. More information about how to use reports is available in the KPI Reports section of the documentation. Only Account Owners and users with given permissions will have access to reports.

The Reports section includes:

  • Overview Reports

  • Activity Reports

  • Team Performance

  • Phone Number Performance

  • Dialer Performance

Admin Dashboard Settings

The Admin panel is where the Account Owner and some users can manage all aspects of their company's account.

Settings include:

  • User Management

  • Phone Numbers

  • Call Flows

  • Account Settings

  • CRM Setup

  • Caller IDs

  • Addresses

  • Spam Numbers

  • Plugin Marketing Place

  • Beta Program

  • API Tokens

Trust Center

This is where Account Owners can sign up for verification products. First, the business itself must be verified.

Trust Center products & services include:

  • STIR/SHAKEN - verified voice

  • A2P 10DLC - verified texting

  • CNAM - custom Caller ID

  • Branded Calls - enhanced Caller ID

If you have any questions about where to go for something, don't hesitate to start a live chat and one of our Support Team Members will be happy to help!

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