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Podio Users: How to Link smrtPhone to Multiple Workspaces and Apps
Podio Users: How to Link smrtPhone to Multiple Workspaces and Apps

smrtPhone connects to only one Contacts App in Podio, but you can still push call data throughout your Podio system.

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smrtPhone is designed to connect to only one Contacts App

As it comes "out of the box", smrtPhone connects to only one workspace and one contacts app in Podio. This is because the system runs on logic and the path it takes to attach call data, place call recordings, and enter call logs to your Podio needs to be straightforward.

However, the beauty of Podio is that when information comes into one workspace/one app, you can use automations to push that information throughout the system.

This article, along with the video above, will help you to better understand how to link smrtPhone to multiple workspaces and apps. *(also, short demo in video)

Upgrade Your Unified Contacts App

Do some housekeeping on your unified contacts app to make sure it is structured in a way that promotes automation throughout Podio. A single, unified contacts app that pushes information to and gathers information from other apps is the best way to keep order, maintain transparency, smooth integration, and avoid ambiguity.

  • Order - to keep everything organized, make sure there are no duplicates in your contacts. Repeated/duplicate contacts slow activity and inhibit the ability to streamline your leads. It can cause chaos where some records are updated when others aren't, across multiple apps. Keep everything unified and ordered to one spot.

  • Transparency - with one, clean contacts app all your users can see the same details and records, for example, knowing exactly what is happening with a particular contact. Keeping everyone on the same page means fewer mistakes.

  • Integration - a contact may have different positions within your apps, but when unified, the same details will show up no matter the workspace, as long as all the workspaces are related through the unified contacts app

  • No ambiguity - one single contact with all information connected will let the system correctly store the information you need, eliminating room for errors.

Update Your Communications Log

Instead of duplicating information, link it all together in real time using Relationship fields. Set up and test the system and you'll see the information pushed and pulled as needed, without intervention.

  • Use Relationship Fields - this helps you connect all your Contacts Apps and details in order to link them. Relationship Fields is to be found in your

    πŸ™β€β™‚οΈ Contacts App >

    πŸ”§Modify Template >

    πŸ“‘ Fields

  • Do a test - refresh the page and verify in your Communications app if all the details were added to contacts

  • Work as you please - having all contacts linked and not duplicated across your workspaces.

How Does This All Work in Action?

  • See all in Activity - once your contacts are linked you can verify the history activity in Podio - Communications

  • Gain control - all call logs, text logs, and any other details over the contact and important information are found under the name of that particular contact, making it easy to check.

Note: it’s crucial to have a unified app and to adjust your communications app so that you can link those two processes together. It’s easy to link every single communication you have logged by smrtPhone across your system.

It works great across workspaces.

It works great across apps.

Also, if you need help in creating your smrtPhone account, you can read this article here: How to set up a smrtPhone Trial Account

or see the video below:

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