To properly use the smrtPhone mobile app, you must enable access to the microphone (so your contacts can hear you!) Most of our users also prefer to have notifications on, so they know when a call or text comes in. It's up to you whether to enable Mobile Data, but if you plan to use smrtPhone away from WiFi, it is required.

Open your settings and at the very top, search for smrtPhone app. (Or scroll all the way down to it)

You will see the key settings for the smrtPhone mobile app. The most important ones are in bold below:

  • Microphone - you must give the app access to the microphone to be able to place outbound calls (if you want the recipient to hear you!)

  • Siri & Search - Allows Siri to suggest smrtPhone in response to inquiries.

  • Notifications - Control notifications on/off and what style you'd like- what types of banners, badges you'd like.

  • Mobile Data - this is a must if you are out-and-about away from WiFi, if you'd like to receive calls, texts, and voicemails.

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