To properly use the smrtPhone mobile app, you must enable access to the microphone (so your contacts can hear you!) Most of our users also prefer to have notifications on, so they know when a call or text comes in. It's up to you whether to enable Mobile Data, but if you plan to use smrtPhone away from WiFi, it is required.

This (silent) video will give you the visuals on the steps outlined below.

  1. Open your Settings App

  2. Scroll to and select "Apps & notifications"

  3. Find smrtPhone in the list of apps and select it

  4. Update the settings for smrtPhone

    • Notifications - it is recommended to allow All smrtPhone notifications

    • Permissions - It is recommended to allow:

      • Phone Access

      • Microphone Access - allow while using the app

      • Contacts

      • Files and Media

    • Mobile Data - if it is not enabled, you must be on WiFi to place a call.

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