Seeing your Missed Calls in the smrtPhone Dialer

How to quickly see recent and missed calls in smrtPhone

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The smrtPhone Dialer makes it extremely easy to manage your missed calls and call people back with no delay.

You can see calls and make decisions about who to reach out to without having to go into your CRM system.

When you Have a Missed Call:

  • 🛑 A visual badge will appear on the blue Dialer button, indicating how many missed calls you have

  • All missed calls appear in the Recent Calls tab of the Dialer. Drop it down and select the tab to see all missed calls

Recent Call Tab Options

  • Identify missed calls

  • Call the contact/number back

  • Message any recent caller (missed or answered)

  • Enter or update call notes

  • Add/Rename a contact

Watch this short video to see the functionality in motion:

Moreover, while you are on your Dialer, you can rename contacts.

Access Recent Calls on your Dialer, press the three dots ( ⋮ ) next to it, and then just rename it as you please.

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