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The legacy KPI Reporting Section - Reports Menu

Where to find key performance indicator data within smrtPhone

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The legacy version of KPI Reporting will cease operating in July 2024. We recommend converting your reports to the new version.

One of the most powerful things about smrtPhone is the usefulness of the data that is collected. It can be sorted and analyzed in a way that can help you make better decisions to make your business more productive and more profitable. The data within smrtPhone and smrtDialer will help you highlight winning processes, identify areas of weakness, spot opportunities for better training, and give insights into the key drivers of performance.

A variety of KPI Reports are available for Account Owners and designated Users.

Where to find KPI Reports within smrtPhone

The reporting section can be found in the left navigation, under the chart icon.

Data Included in the Reporting Section

There are multiple pieces of information gathered in reports including a summary of your smrtPhone account activity, how a specific phone number performed (inbound/outbound calls), and how a particular agent performed.

There are five reporting areas:

  • Overview - a dashboard snapshot of your account activity

  • Activity reports - a closer look at calls by inbound/outbound, by call status, by agent, and by the time of day

  • Team performance - text and call data broken down by the user.

  • Number performance - call and text data by phone number

  • Dialer reports - insights specifically for smrtDialer subscribers to improve outbound performance.

Selecting Report Timeframe

All of the Reports are generated based on previous activity. Pay close attention to the timeframe being reported. You can choose to see reports from the past days, months, or create a custom range.

Use the calendar icon at the top of all reports to select the time span you'd like to analyze.

Read more about KPI Reports by selecting an option below:

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