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The legacy KPI Reports Section - Overview Report
The legacy KPI Reports Section - Overview Report

What you can find in the high level Overview Report

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The legacy version of KPI Reporting will cease operating in July 2024. We recommend converting your reports to the new version.

The first report available under the reporting tab of the navigation is called the Overview Report. Like the name itself, it will show you basic reports from your smrtPhone account, in aggregate.

Here you can find data such as:

  • Total Talk Time

  • Average Call Duration

  • Total Calls by Type

  • Total Inbound/Outbound Texts

  • Total Inbound/Outbound calls by Agent

All of the data displayed is taken from the regular smrtPhone dialer itself (that is, not smrtDialer.)

Clients use this report for a high-level view into the activity on the account. It helps to match against billing or to identify areas that need further investigation. We like to think of it as a dashboard of your total account activity.

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