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The legacy KPI Reports Section - Team Performance
The legacy KPI Reports Section - Team Performance

Where to go to understand how your users and agents are performing

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The legacy version of KPI reporting will be withdrawn in July. Please consider migrating your data into the new Reporting Section.

The third option under the Reports menu is Team Performance Reports.

These reports are designed to help you understand the differences, strengths and weaknesses, of individuals on your team. Here you will be able to find how your agents performed on a given timeframe. You can choose from a Call Performance (at the top) or Text Performance (at the bottom.)

Tip: You can sort each column by metric or alphabetically by clicking the column title. Click it a second time to reverse the sort order.

The first page of the Team Performance Report gives you an overview of the team relative to each other. You can then click into "Performance Report" to see an individual's performance.

How to use Team Performance Reports

The Team Performance reports are an excellent way to identify your strongest team members who may have the wisdom to share with others or become a model for the type of agent you should hire as you grow.

Team members who show weaker performance can also be identified so you can give them additional training and understand the challenges they face that hold them back.

Overall, this report can help you set reasonable standards for what can be expected of your team members, in terms of activity.

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