How Filters (Call Statuses) Work in smrtDialer

How to automate when a lead stays in a campaign to be called again and when they are removed from the specific campaign.

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What are Filters / Call Statuses?

When dialing a smrtDialer Campaign your agent can categorize the calls with a click of a button. These categories (called filters) either keep the lead in the specific campaign to be called again or have them removed because they are interested/not interested (or have them removed and placed on the global DNC List for your entire smrtPhone/smrtDialer account.)

Some features, such as the Status Filters, require special permission, or else only the Account Owner can make modifications.

The options you program into your campaign are presented to agents to select the best fit, similar to call statuses when ending a call in smrtPhone. The biggest difference is that depending on your settings, some selected call statuses will remove the lead from being called again in that specific campaign.

Viewing Your Status Filters

You can view your current Status Filters from the Call Engine tab of smrtDialer Campaign Settings.

Several filters come pre-loaded, however, you can update and customize them.

The only option you cannot remove is DNC (Do Not Call) which is a legal requirement.

There is a section for Status Filters and for Wrong Number filters. They mirror each other - the former determines whether that lead will be called again, and the latter determines how (if the lead is skipped/removed) the system will handle that lead record.

Call versus Skip

Next to the filters, you have two buttons, Skip or Call. Depending on how you have it toggled, it will ensure the lead will be called (Call) or not called again (Skip) during this campaign.

πŸ”† Keep in mind that you have the option to select Wrong Number Auto Remove. Most people don't want to try calling a wrong number again, right? If you have that option selected, it means the lead will be automatically removed from Podio. We typically recommend it, because why would you want to hold on to incorrect numbers?

Status Filters

The Status Filter section of the Call Engine tab will determine what happens when a call status is selected during the running of a smrtDialer Campaign. When Skip is selected, it means when that corresponding call status is chosen at the end of a call - that contact will now be dropped from the campaign. That smrtDialer Campaign will no longer dial that lead.

DNC - Do Not Call status is always set on Skip, per FCC regulations (and common sense, of course). This means that whenever you call a lead and his answer is clear not be reached again, once you set the "DNC" Call Status after finalizing the call, this particular lead will not be called again.

The rest of the statuses can be easily switched from Skip to Call, at your will, depending on your strategy and needs.

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Best Practices for Status Filters

We warn you against adding too many Status Filters. You want to keep it simple for your agents by adding clear and smart statuses that can be easily used during the campaigns. Too many status filters added will make the work harder and longer after each phone call ends.

In the example above, there are some Status Filters pre-set, like Converted. It makes sense to select Skip for converted leads because if they have already moved to the next phase when you run the list again, you don't want to bother that person.

Examples of actions:

  • The line will continue calling the next lead, even if the session is paused for statuses like: Busy, No Answer, or Failed.

  • The session (even if is paused) will continue to ring after a Voicemail was pushed, only if Auto-Resume is turned on.

Integrated CRMs and their Call Status Options

Podio Users: How to Customize Your Status Filters

Status Filters can be set in your Podio Organization, by modifying the Communications App Template.

This is a Category Field and you can add, remove, and personalize it. Once they are set in Podio, they will appear in smrtDialer, and you can adjust what happens when selected (Call/Skip) in the Call Engine tab.

As a Podio User, this is the only option available at this point to customize your Call Statuses.

Salesforce, InvestorFuse & Forefront users: How to Customize Your Status Filters

Status Filters can be set in your smrtPhone Dashboard, by accessing smrtDialer > Setup > Call Statuses.

You can configure these call statuses, which will come across in all your smrtDialer Campaigns. You are able to add call statuses straight from the smrtPhone Setup Page.

REISift Users: Using the default Call Statuses

Call Statuses are working a bit differently for REISift users. Even if, at this moment, you don't have the option to customize the Call Statuses on the smrtDialer page, you can use the ones provided by your CRM.

You can see the call statuses in the Call Engine Tab. Choose from the options Skip/Call and they will work according to your selection. These filters are not only for leads or property. They can update both the property status and/or the phone number status.

Wrong Number Filter

The Wrong Number Filter section of the Call Engine tab controls which of your status filters are considered wrong numbers. This section is helpful for companies who want to differentiate between different kinds of wrong numbers to understand ROI from a lead list.

On the right side, above any Campaign details, is a toggle for Wrong Number Auto-Remove. If you activate Wrong Number Auto-Remove, that lead's number will be automatically removed from Podio, so you not only skip them from the campaign but delete them from your CRM overall. Who needs to hold on to bad data? (hint: no one!)

The Wrong Number Auto-Remove option isn't available for Excel Campaigns!

These Wrong Number Filters are not entered separately, and cannot be added or removed. They are linked to the Status Filters. The only thing you need to do is decide what happens to them. If you want to mark them as Wrong Number or not.

It may be helpful to remember that this is not necessarily a literal label, but how you further categorize Status Filters. That is, the number doesn't have to be wrong, but it can be any number you'd like to auto-remove.

This means that if you switch the status DNC to be marked as Wrong Number, and you had selected the auto-remove option, the system will clear that lead out of Podio. (However, all DNC numbers remain in smrtPhone so they can't accidentally be uploaded again and called.)

In other words, if a lead is marked after a call with a call status like "Not interested" and the corresponding Not Interested was switched to "Wrong number" in this section... within the next calling session, that particular lead will be skipped or removed (if Auto-Removal is on).

A filter switched to Wrong Number in this section will determine a more accurate list of Leads for the second run.

Be careful which Filters you set as Wrong Number here in this section when Wrong Number Auto-Remove is on.

This requires special attention, because if you select an important one, like Call me later and switch to Wrong number, once you press Call me later after the call, the system will act as you selected... marking it as wrong and removing that specific lead. In order to get it back, you will need to reload your leads and reconfigure your Contacts App.

🌐 Podio Filters in Mapping your Campaign

While you are setting up your campaign, you can set some filters to be viewed while calling/ talking to a lead. These Fields can be organized by Category or View and are based on your Contacts App selected above.

These Filters are here to help you organize your calls while running Campaigns, by seeing all the important details about a lead right the way you want it.

  • Category Filter - Allows you to select a particular field from Podio, based on your categories set in your Contacts App and a specific value for that selected category.

  • View Filter - Gives you a wider perspective

You can also skip this step, opt just for the filter - Category or View - but not select from the ones that are listed within.

We recommend selecting one filter or another - Category or View - for a clearer and more concise list of leads!

⛰️ InvestorFuse Users - Skip or Call

InvestorFuse system is based on tasks. So, in order to not miss any leads due to callback pushed or voicemail, now you can keep these leads in the system and decide manually who is going to be pushed to your CRM.

Now, based on your filters Skip or Call, you can re-dial the leads from a campaign that did not answer once the list is finished, and do not push the call status of the call until the end of the day or when the session is closed. You can find them in the campaign details and bulk-push them by session.

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