Auto-Resume Dialing Feature in smrtDialer

Agents can choose the pace with which calls are dialed in smrtDialer

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Whether you are power dialing on a single line or multi-line campaign in smrtDialer, the agent has control over whether the next call automatically dials when the first one ends.

Turn Auto-Resume on for smrtDialer Campaigns

The pace of placed calls is controlled by the agent.

First, start a New Call Session by clicking on the green button. Once the campaign is ready to run, you can select from the βš™οΈ Settings menu at the top whether to use Auto-Resume Calling or not.

When Auto-Resume Calling is ON

The next call will be placed as soon as the active call is ended. This is great for blasting through cold calling lists and for when notes can easily be taken during the active call.

When Auto-Resume Calling is OFF

The campaign stays paused until the agent hits the play button to resume dialing. This is helpful when there are a lot of notes to log after an active call and is most often used when doing warm follow-ups.

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