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Answer calls from any tab with Chrome Extension (Salesforce Users)
Answer calls from any tab with Chrome Extension (Salesforce Users)

The smrtPhone Chrome Extension is a powerful addition to the dialer within the Salesforce platform.

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With a properly installed and “pinned” smrtPhone Chrome extension, you can:

  • Answer an incoming call from any browser tab

  • Place a call from any tab (don’t have to be inside Salesforce)

  • Send a SMS/text message from any tab

How to Install the smrtPhone Chrome Extension

To install the smrtPhone Chrome Extension, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store at this link 🔗

  2. Click the blue Add to Chrome button

  3. At the prompt, confirm you would like to Add Extension.

  4. When prompted by your Chrome Browser, grant access to your microphone.

  5. Once the extension is installed, pin it to your browser window for maximum efficiency. Click the Chrome Extension puzzle piece icon 🧩 in the upper right corner of your browser window to display a list of your installed extensions.

  6. Click the white pin 📌 next to "smrtPhone - Chrome Dialer" so it turns blue. This will pin the extension to your visible Extensions’ menu.

Now that the smrtPhone Chrome Extension is installed, pinned, and has access to your microphone for talking on your phone calls, you need to log in.

How to log in to your Chrome Extension

For the current version of smrtPhone for Salesforce, you must log in to the Chrome Extension using your smrtPhone credentials or with Salesforce credentials.

Once you are logged in to the smrtPhone Chrome Extension, adjust the Settings to suit your needs.

How to adjust your smrtPhone Chrome Extension Settings

Open the Chrome Extension by clicking on the smrtPhone triangle icon in your extension’s menu.

On the top right of the window is the Settings tab, where you will find the following:


This toggle switch determines whether the Chrome Extension will ring (drop a small incoming call banner) when there is an incoming call.

If you turn yourself unavailable on the Chrome Extension, your smrtPhone phone numbers may ring any where else you are set available/online, such as inside Salesforce, inside the smrtPhone Web App, or through the smrtPhone Mobile App. If you want to be unreachable, you must set yourself as unavailable on all dialers.


You can logout of the Chrome Extension any time by selecting the Logout button.

Switch Account

If you have multiple smrtPhone accounts, you can switch accounts without having to logout and log back in.


You can choose to have a white background or go into dark mode, which turns the dialer black with white lettering. If you log out, it will remember your last setting for when you log back in.

Click to Call

You can ignore this setting. Because Salesforce users have a smrtPhone dialer inside your Salesforce window (the CTI dialer), you do not need to worry about the Click to Call toggle. (For other CRMs, this is where a user decides whether clicking a phone number will dial in the smrtPhone Web App or Chrome Extension.)

Audio Settings

You can choose various settings for how your Dialer rings and which speakers to engage when in a phone conversation.

There are two important Audio Settings:

  • Ringing Device - the system to ring when the call happens.

  • Output Device - the microphone and audio that you'd like to use for the call.

These are separate settings for a useful reason: You may want the ringing set in a way that you can never miss it, but you want to use a different audio/microphone for the actual call. For example, you may want smrtPhone to ring on your computer speakers so you always hear it, but you might want to take the call on a headset.

As for using the smrtPhone Chrome Extention, you must have previously purchased a smrtPhone number. The same principle applies to Mobile Apps.

💡Chrome Extension in the smrtPhone documentation and user guides

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