Troubleshooting smrtPhone in Salesforce

Solutions to common questions about smrtPhone within your CRM on Salesforce

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If everything has been working properly for you and suddenly stops working - you should reach out to smrtPhone Support via Chat using the button in the lower right corner.

Live Support Hours: Weekdays 9am-9pm ET. After hours messages will be answered the next business day.

Support chat is available from these locations:


  • Salesforce accounts can have multiple dialer options

  • However, Individual Users must select only one dialer to use. If you want it to be smrtPhone, please follow the instructions to Activate smrtPhone for Each User.


Issue: Dialer takes a long time to load

Typically we see this issue with the first time the dialer loads and then subsequent loading has no issue.

However, if it persists…

Fix: Refresh the page

Issue: Dialer interface appears the wrong size for the pop up window

If the dialer interface goes outside of the pop up window, you need to reset it.

Fix: Go to Setup > Call Centers > Edit > Press Save button (again)

Issue: Caller ID fails to appear

If the Caller ID information does not appear for a known contact (not visible in window because of wrong size), you need to reset the dialer.

Fix: Go to Setup > Call Centers > Edit > Press Save button (again)

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