If everything has been working properly for you and suddenly stops working - you should reach out to smrtPhone Support via Chat using the button in the lower right corner.

Live Support Hours: Weekdays 9am-9pm ET. After hours messages will be answered the next business day.

Support chat is available from these locations:


  • Left Main accounts can have multiple dialer options (for example: SMS360 and smrtPhone)

  • However, Individual Users must select only one dialer to use. If you want it to be smrtPhone, please follow the instructions to Activate smrtPhone for Each User


Issue: New Leads Erroneously Created When Call or Text Occurs

We see this issue when an older version of the installation link has been used. The newer version contains updates, expansion in features, and bug fixes.

Fix: Reinstall using the most recent link. Contact Support if you need help finding it.

Issue: Dialer takes a long time to load

Typically we see this issue with the first time the dialer loads and then subsequent loading has no issue.

However, if it persists…

Fix: Refresh the page

Issue: Dialer interface appears the wrong size for the pop up window

If the dialer interface goes outside of the pop up window, you need to reset it.

Fix: Go to Setup > Call Centers > Edit > Press Save button (again)

Issue: Caller ID fails to appear

If the Caller ID information does not appear for a known contact (not visible in window because of wrong size), you need to reset the dialer.

Fix: Go to Setup > Call Centers > Edit > Press Save button (again)

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