In order to have access to smrtPhone features, you need to connect it to your Salesforce Cadences. You only need to do this setup once. It must be completed by a smrtPhone Admin.

โš  Note: depending on your set permissions, this action might be possible only for the Account Owner.

This article will show you how to do so, by following 2 easy steps. First you need to connect the API and then you need to select the specific smrtPhone numbers for each Cadence.

Step 1 - Connect smrtPhone's API to enable automated texting

In Salesforce:

  • Go to Setup (โš™๏ธ)

  • In the Quick Find box, type"Meta" and select "Custom Metadata Types"

  • From the list, select "smrtPhone Config"

  • From the middle of the window, click the button labeled "Manage smrtPhone Config"

  • Then, select "Initial configuration"

Then, head over to smrtPhone

  • Go to Admin from the left navigation

  • From the sub-menu, click on API Tokens

  • Click "Show Token"

  • Copy the token that is revealed

Now, go back into Salesforce:

  • From the Initial Configuration screen, click the "Edit" button from the middle of the window

  • Paste the Token into the field labeled "access token"

  • Click Save

Step 2 - Add smrtPhone number to Each Campaign

Still in Salesforce, after you purchase or port your numbers in smrtPhone, you must assign a number them to each Campaign in Salesforce.

Head to your Campaigns section:

  • Click on the Waffle menu (9 dots top left)

  • Type in Campaigns to get to your list of campaigns

  • Click on an existing campaign OR click the New button to add a new one.

Add your smrtPhone number to the smrtPhone number field:

  • Associate a number to a Campaign by adding in the smrtPhone number field

  • Type in or copy/paste the number you want it associated with this particular Campaign

  • Hit "Save"

Make sure that all campaigns have an associated smrtPhone number for proper linking, tracking, and Cadence functionality!

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