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Using URL/live links in smrtDialer's Lead Window
Using URL/live links in smrtDialer's Lead Window

We do not deny others capabilities, but we have our ones

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Our functionality of adding URLs within our fields determines us not to integrate with other similar feature products (like Zillow), our features do the best of the job!

smrtPhone's system offers custom fields that have URLs into clickable links.

You will simply add your URL in the needed field and enjoy its functionality.

This newly added information - the link you add - will populate the Lead Window from your smrtDialer Campaign. Whether you choose to add a link for an Address, City, Company, or anything else rooted in "HTTP://" or "HTTPS://", this will automatically trigger a hyperlink to that specific site.

In the following, you can find how to add these live links to your smrtDialer:


If you add an "HTTP://" or "HTTPS://" link within the Podio fields, that particular URL will be "clickable" within your Campaign.

You can add this while editing a Contact Record in Podio, because your information which is shown in the Lead Window is pulled straight from your CRM.

Also, you can modify the template of your current Contacts App and add a text field, name it accordingly and use it when you map your Campaign.

Note: at this moment, smrtDialer does not support the "Link" field within Podio. Our Development team is working on this, but until then you can simply add a text field.

Also, adding this field to your Campaign will allow you to see the link while you run the smrtDialer Campaign.

If you encounter any difficulties here, you can find help in this article here: Get Podio Leads into your smrtDialer Campaign.


Your Campaign Mapping is linked to your Organization in Salesforce. So, in case you add an URL, will be shown while running a smrtDialer Campaign.

In order to add/edit your Leads' addresses, access Leads from your Salesforce and select the wished lead and Edit Address.

This information here will be pulled out and will trigger a hyperlink while running a smrtDialer Campaign.

If you think that you might need some help with getting leads for your campaign, please check this article here: smrtDialer Campaign Creation - from Salesforce List.

Excel uploads

You will add your URLs within an existing field in your Excel document depending on what you need to be shown in your Campaign, either address or other details you might find in hand.

This information shown in the smrtDialer Lead Window View is based on the information you imported, so a well-formatted Excel *(CSV or similar) will ensure a good view and great functionality.

The view in the smrtDialer's Lead Window

While running your smrtDialer, the information you added in an "HTTP://" or "HTTPS://" format, will be accessible to be clicked on.

Whether you added an address or a website, any "HTTP://" or "HTTPS://" format will be clickable from your smrtDialer's Lead Window.


In case any link shown fails to be accessed, the following scenarios might be helpful:

  • The link is shown in the Lead Window but you cannot access it

    • solution - review that particular Contact/Lead and confirm the URL was pasted correctly and not cut off or else the system will not trigger any hyperlink

  • The links are shown and are accessible but they have no real trigger

    • solution - confirm only one URL is pasted per field - if you added more than a link in an URL field, the system will not recognize them as being separated, hence will not be able to open them accordingly. Add them in separate fields to be displayed and accessed by the system at your choice.

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