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*** Before step 2, you need to choose the type of Campaign you will be using: Podio Campaign or one based on a .xlsx, .xls or .csv file.

For a File-based Campaign, please check this article: Creating a CSV Campaign. >>

Step 2 in setting up a smrtDialer Campaign is Podio Mapping

The Podio Mapping Screen

The second step is to select the Podio App that you want to be connected to your campaign and map the corresponding fields that will be displayed when you run the campaign. You can either select your current Seller Leads App or create a new App. It is up to you to create your own workflow.

All you need to do is to drill down for your workspace and to select the app that holds your leads. Please keep in mind that it is mandatory that your use a Phone Field in order to store your phone numbers and that you use a Category Field in order to filter your data. In this case, I am using a category field in order to assign my leads to certain campaigns.

You can now map your fields accordingly

By pressing the "Add Field" button you can also add extra fields that will be shown in the Lead Detail Screen during your call sessions. Please keep in mind that the following field types are not supported: Calculation, Link, Image, Relationship

After you have successfully mapped your Podio App, all you need to do is to press the Finish button and your Leads will be imported into the Campaign.

3. The Campaign Settings Screen

You are only a few clicks away from starting your call session but let's first take a look at the filtering system.

Inside The Campaign Settings Screen - Call Engine, you have the option to both choose what statuses to skip during your call sessions and what statuses to filter as wrong numbers.

By using the Status Filters you can select what Lead Statuses to skip when dialing the list:

Similarly, when using the Wrong Number Filters you can select what Lead Statuses will keep dialing the same lead. For example, when dialing a number from a lead, the call is answered and if the status is set to Wrong Number, the system will try to dial the next number for that lead. Otherwise, the lead will be skipped.

Furthermore, you also have the option to enable Wrong Number Auto-Remove which will remove the number from your Lead inside Podio.

The Call Script Tab allows you to add a webform to your campaign or to edit your own Call Script Template.

The webform/Script will be displayed during your call session inside the Lead Window. You have the option to hide the webform by accessing the switch.

The Permissions Tab gives you the option to control which of your agents can see this campaign and start a call session. You can either give access to all agents or to select certain agents from your workspace.

You can Archive the Campaign you do not need that anymore.

In case you want to restore that particular Campaign, you can do that by accessing the Admin Dashboard > Campaigns > Archived Campaign and hitting the "Restore" button.

✅ Note: If you are a Salesforce user, we have a complete collection dedicated to you here: Salesforce Guides - where you can find all this information adapted for your CRM.

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