Completing a Call in smrtDialer Campaigns

What happens to leads after assigning a certain call status

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In smrtDialer Campaigns, you can decide what happens to a lead after you end a call.

If there's a case for an agent to close the call, they can use the Action Bar on which they can access the Hung Up button.

On the right-bottom side of the lead/call information window, you can set a call status when the call is completed. The call status can be set to filter a contact out of the campaign so they won't receive future calls. (DNC is always an option and will automatically add the contact to your global smrtPhone DNC list).

How to Set your smrtDialer Call Statuses

You can set these to be anything you want, except DNC is a required option.

Here is a brief explanation of the above example's filters/call status:

  • Converted - The lead is interested and moved to the next phase. You don't want to call them again in this campaign, so by customizing your Campaign Filters (Account Owner/granular permission feature), they will be removed. Depending on your CRM automations, they may be automatically added to another list for follow-up.

  • Callback - This lead couldn't talk but is okay with a different time. They will stay in the campaign and their contact will be cycled through again.

    Note: do not confuse with Call back Pushed - that is playing a pre-recorded message indicating that you will call them back heard by the second lead who answers while you are engaged on the first line.

  • Voicemail - The call reached the lead's voicemail and can be called again within this campaign.

  • Not interested - The lead is not interested, and, based on your customized Campaign Filters, you can choose to skip that lead in this campaign.

  • DNC - will add the lead to the Do Not Call list and will not call it again - this is a required option for regulatory compliance.

  • Wrong Number - This will skip the lead in future dialing of this campaign/remove it from the Campaign.

    Note: if Wrong Number Auto-Remove is on, this specific lead's number will be removed from CRM as well

  • Up to 10 other call statuses, can be added:

    • Podio Users: Depending on the filters you added in Podio for your Campaign, those are now translated as call status for the call. These filters can be personalized by accessing your Podio Organization, by modifying the Communications App Template. And it can be customized by accessing your smtPhone Admin Dashboard > smrtDialer > Campaign Settings.

    • Salesforce, InvestorFuse, and Forefront Users: Enter a customized call status in smrtDialer > Setup > Call Statuses.

    • REISIft Users - Can only use the default-created Call Status at this moment

Be aware that the re-dial of a lead will happen automatically depending only on the campaign filters set. All examples given above can be customized at your will, except for the DNC filter, which is always set on Skip because of the FCC regulations and guidelines. Learn more about How filters (call statuses) work in smrtDialer and Running Campaigns.

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