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Customize clean lists with valid leads for your next smrtDialer Campaign

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Once you have leads pulled in from various sources, you can clean, filter, and combine them into custom Dial Lists that can be imported into smrtDialer.

For example, you can create a Dial List that will pull every lead within a specific geographic region, regardless of how they were imported into smrtLeads.

How to Build a Dial List

From the smrtLeads submenu, select Dial Lists. To create a new Dial List, simply press the "New Dial List" button, in the upper right.

Name your list something meaningful to make it easy to identify it later. Add an optional description, if you'd like.

Next, build the Dial List by selecting Sources and Filters that will produce the custom list you wish to feed into a smrtDialer campaign.

Each Dial List can pull from multiple sources and be configured with filters. It's up to you!

Select a Source

Click where it says "Select Source" which will drop down a list of all available Sources. You can select All Sources, a specific source from the list, or, if you know the name of the source, you can start to type it to narrow down the options.

Apply Filters

Once you have selected All Sources or a specific source, you can now configure the Dial List further by applying optional filters.

Current filter options include:

  • City

  • State

  • Zip code

  • County

  • Homeowner status

If you have ideas for additional filters, please add them as a Feature Request >>

After selecting the filter you'd like to drill down on, you can set operators like "starting/containing/ending with" to narrow the filter. You can add multiple filters to a single Source set by pressing the + icon.

Save or Modify Source Set

Press the "Save" button after you set up each Source Set to see how many leads were added before you add another set.

While here, you can edit this set or even delete it if you are not happy with it.

Save or Modify Dial List

When you are happy with your Dial List, press the final, blue "Save" button at the bottom. Once you have saved a Dial List, it is ready to be imported into smrtDialer.

Now you can see your newly created list, and edit or delete it.

However, cannot delete a Dial List if it is currently uploaded to a smrtDialer campaign.

Note: Once you have used a Dial List in a campaign, you cannot use it again. This protection is to keep you from creating duplicates in your database. You will have to create a new Dial List.

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