Using smrtLeads with smrtDialer

How to use smrtLeads sources for smrtDialer power dialing Campaigns

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Using smrtLeads to power your smrtDialer campaigns is as easy as using Excel or a CRM-based list.

Create a Dial List in smrtLeads

As you would with any campaign, make sure your lead list is prepared and ready to go before you start building.

Even if you want a list that includes all leads with no filtering, you must create a Dial List in smrtLeads to be imported into smrtDialer.

Campaign Configuration

From within smrtDialer, create a campaign as you configure any smrtDialer campaign, following the steps:

1. Call engine configuration:

  • Name of the Campaign

  • Details

  • Calling details

  • Media/recording customization

2. Lead Source

Select the smrtLeads option to grab your leads from the newly created Dial Lists.

3. Dial List Mapping

Select the list you want to use in this smrtDialer Campaign from the ones you previously saved in smrtLeads.

Press Finish Setup to finalize the configuration.

4. Complete

Your campaign is ready to be run.

From this screen, you can review your campaign's configuration (Overview) or head straight back into edit Settings.

Dialing a smrtLeads-based Campaign with smrtDialer

Once the campaign is created, the system will take a few moments to sync newly added leads. Once the re-sync is ready, you are ready to go.

Calling leads in a smrtLeads Dial Live-based campaign will be performed like any other type of smrtDialer Campaign.

There is a small difference between a CRM-based campaign and a smrtLeads-based Campaign: Push to CRM button. For that reason, we can say that a smrtLeads-based campaign can be more like an Excel-based campaign.

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