Using smrtLeads to power your smrtDialer campaigns is as easy as using Excel or a CRM-based list.

Create a Dial List in smrtLeads

As you would with any campaign, make sure your lead list is prepared and ready to go before you start building.

Even if you want a list that includes all leads, with no filtering, you must create a Dial List in smrtLeads to be imported into smrtDialer.

Campaign Configuration

From within smrtDialer, create a campaign as you configure any smrtDialer campaign:

1. Call engine configuration:

  • Name of the Campaign

  • Details

  • Calling details

  • Media/recording customization

2. Lead Source - select the smrtLeads option to grab your leads from the newly created Dial Lists.

3. Dial List Mapping - select the list you want to use in this smrtDialer Campaign from the ones you previously saved in smrtLeads.

Press "Finish Setup" to finalize the configuration.

4. Complete - your campaign is ready to be run.

From this screen you can review your campaign's configuration (Overview) or head straight back in to edit settings.

Dialing a smrtLeads-based Campaign with smrtDialer

Once the campaign is created, the system will take a few moments to sync newly added leads. Once the re-sync is ready, you are ready to go.

Calling leads in a smrtLeads Dial Live based campaign will be performed like any other type of Campaign.

There is a small difference between a CRM-based campaign and a smrtLeads-based Campaign: Push to CRM button. For that reason, we can say that a smrtLeads-based campaign can be more like an Excel-based campaign.

For more information about how this calling happens, please read: Calling leads in an Excel spreadsheet based smrtDialer Campaign >>

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