There is one major difference between dialing a lead from a campaign created from an Excel upload directly into smrtDialer versus one created from a list pulled from a CRM list: How to finalize the call to push a qualified lead to CRM.

With a campaign created from an uploaded list, agents decide at the end of the call whether the lead is worth pushing to the CRM.

How to Start Dialing

As an Agent, you can see a list of all campaigns to which you have access by selecting smrtDialer from the left menu and selecting the Campaigns submenu.

Once you select the Campaign you would like to run, starting a new dialing session is easy: just click on the ▶️New Call Session button, under details/totals.

After you click to start the call session, you will be placed online but dialing will be paused.

You have two options in the Settings Menu at the top:

  • Auto Resume Calling - which will set whether you'd like the next call to be dialed as soon as the first one is completed, or if you prefer to manually trigger dialing.

  • A.I. Voice Detection - which uses advanced technology to sense whether a human or a machine (or neither) answers the phone.

Once you have it set as you'd like it, to start dialing you must click the Play button in the upper left.

You will be able to see the line(s) begin to dial.

When the Call Connects

When a call connects, the information for the lead will populate the screen. You can address the call, follow the script (if included), take notes, and complete the call when you are ready.

If you are dialing on multiple lines and a second line connected at the same time as your first, it will be labeled as Callback Pushed. This means the lead heard the Callback Recording that was pre-loaded into the campaign. When you are ready to unpause dialing again, that callback number will be the first to be dialed.

Call Script

You can also use the Call Script feature while using smrtDialer Campaign to make sure you collect all of the necessary information from your caller.

The Call Script you create appears on the top right part of the lead window in the smrtDialer campaign dialing screen. The formatting will appear as it was created and any lead fields will be dynamically populated with the proper information.

Push Qualified Leads to CRM

While running the campaign, you choose which leads to add to your CRM by simply clicking the Push to CRM button near the Finalize Call button. This lead information will now be pushed to your CRM, based on the configuration set when the campaign was created. When you close the call, you have to set a disposition for it.

This is one of the biggest advantages of running a campaign from a list loaded directly into smrtDialer - only the qualified leads that have been vetted by a human agent make their way into the CRM. This means your CRM will be cleaner, more streamlined, and more focused on valuable opportunities.

All Leads pushed to CRM will be found in the CRM App you previously selected while configuring this type of Campaign.

Note: You must push the Lead to CRM before completing the call!

Note: For InvestorFuse Users, there will be another step in sending leads to CRM, since the InvestorFuse system is task-orientated. Hence, you will have to manually push to CRM unsuccessful leads per session.

Learn about this by reading this article here: How filters (dispositions) work in smrtDialer >>

Completing a Call

Once a call is completed, you must select the proper disposition to clear the call. Proper disposition tracking is extremely important to make smrtDialer work most efficiently for you. (Learn more about dispositions here >>)

You can add additional notes before completing the call, as needed.

If Auto-Resume Calling is OFF, you must manually trigger dialing by pushing the Play button again. If Auto-Resume is ON, hitting the "Complete Call" button will trigger the dialing to continue again.

❗Note: Once you press the Complete Call button, you cannot add the lead to CRM automatically. But you can locate the call in Campaign's Call Logs and manually transfer the information.

To do this, go back to the Campaigns list and choose the proper Campaign. On that page, you can see all Leads and also See all Calls. From here, you can find the lead information needed to type into your CRM.

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