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Understand your options when viewing a lead record

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You can check your leads or a particular lead by opening an individual Lead Record in smrtLeads.

To open this window, access the Source Dashboard from the smrtLeads submenu on the left, pick your Source, and click it open. From the list of Leads, click on the individual line you would like to see in more detail.

The individual lead record will slide open from the right. There, you should see all of the information about the contact.

First, you have the location and the street view, right after the address.

One of the most important things you will see here, in the upper Window Lead Record, is the option to push this particular lead straight to CRM, without dialing them in the smrtDialer Campaign.

Lead Status - This can be Active, Converted, or registered as DNC.

Contact Details - Phone numbers and emails.

If the lead list was an Excel upload and you performed Skip Tracing, you will see all of the additional contact details that were pulled, including additional emails and phone numbers.

  • 🟒 Green dots - Contact information was scrubbed against the National DNC Registry

  • πŸ”΅ Blue dots - Contact information was skip traced

Both the phone and email fields permit manually adding new contact details. Click the βž• icon next to the header to key in a new entry.

After Contact Information, you can get further information about actions that have been performed on this lead.

Scrubbing Info - All the information gathered after the system performed DNC Scrubbing action.

CRM Info - If the lead is synced with any CRM.

Communications Log - The communications associated with this particular lead, such as previous phone calls or text messages. You can see in this window the last 20 communications logs associated with this lead for a quick view.

If you click the Show Logs button it will lead you to the smrtPhone Dashboard - Billings and Logs, where you can see the full history.

Keep in mind that this access is regulated by User Permissions.

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