*** Before this step, you need to choose the type of Campaign you will be using: CRM Campaign or one based on a .xlsx, .xls or .csv file.

In case you need help to prep your campaign, please read this article here: smrtDialer Campaign Prep >>

For a File-based Campaign, please check this article: Creating an Excel / CSV - based Campaign >>

Creating a smrtDialer Campaign is not a tricky thing if you follow the correct steps.

As you previously learned in the articles regarding this matter, there are some chronological steps to be followed.

However, while talking about the smrtDialer Campaigns based on CRM Leads, Salesforce has to take into consideration an extra step while configuring the Campaign: preparing your leads to be later pulled into the campaign.

During campaign customization, you, as a Salesforce user, need to get your leads straight. So, in the middle of the process, you will be able to use the exact list of leads that you need.

While mapping a CMR-based Campaign, you need to select the place our system will pull leads from, which can be seen as views or filters for leads.

You need to choose “Salesforce”, meaning your CRM, and then select the Object Type and List from the drop-down menus. You have the option to also use your Opportunities, Leads, Contacts, or Accounts as a list for this smrtDialer Campaign.

So, for this step, pick your choice from the drop-down menu:

Select Object Type and choose between lists of contacts you want to use within the campaign.

After you selected the Object Type, customize furthermore from the drop-down menu, the View to be used in this particular campaign.

This way, you are sure that your campaign's list is going to be populated only with needed contacts.

Once this step is completed, you can continue with your Campaign's customization. If you need help with this action, feel free to consult our Documentation, especially this articles here: Best Practice Guides for Setting up smrtDialer With Salesforce >>

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