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Texting Lists for Broadcast
Texting Lists for Broadcast

When preparing a Broadcast, you can specific your target audience by filtering contacts who have opted-in into texting lists.

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Texting Lists are a result of filtering contacts from Sources, offering you the opportunity to target a specific audience.

How to Build a Texting List - smrtCast Lists

From the Broadcast submenu, select Texting Lists. To create a new list, simply press the New Texting List button, in the upper right.

Fill in the fields with useful and easy-to-recognize information for:

  • Name - Give a name to your Texting List

  • Description - Add a short description if you'd like

  • Set the Source Set - You can have more than one set for the list. You can add multiple filters to a single Source set by pressing the βž• icon.

  • Set Filters - For a cleared list, you can set helping filters. After selecting the filter you'd like to drill down on, you can use some of the available operators to narrow the filter.

You can modify and even delete the Source Sets; however, you need to have at least one in place for this step.

Hit Save and move on to the next step.

Once your list is created, you can find it among the other Texting Lists (if any).

The Delete πŸ—‘οΈ button will actually delete a List, but will not archive it. Please, double-check the list before deleting it.

You will use these Texting Lists when sending a Broadcast text message. Only contacts who have opted-in can be sent a Broadcast.

πŸ’‘ Broadcast Sources β‡’

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