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KPI Reporting - Overview Report
KPI Reporting - Overview Report

What you can find in the high level Overview Report

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Overview Report

The first report available in the reporting tab of the navigation is called the Overview. Like the name itself, it will show you basic reports from your smrtPhone Account, in aggregate. It will also show the growth (or decline) percentage based on the previous period that matches the date range you selected.

kpi overview

Here, you can find data such as:

  • Average Call Duration - The average call duration among the calls from a specific timeframe selected

  • Total Talk Time - The time on answered calls (inbound and outbound) during the timeframe selected

  • Total Messages Sent - The number of outbound messages for your account.

  • Total Messages Received - The number of inbound messages.

  • Answer Rates (split by days) - It displays data for the selected product (smrtPhone/smrtDialer or both) for a specific timeframe

    kpi timeframe sellection

    The percentages on the overview tab represent the increase/decrease compared to the previous timeframe. If your selected timeframe includes future dates, it should show the equivalent dates from the previous timeframe.

  • Inbound Calls (Busiest time) - It shows a heat map of when you receive the most amount of calls during the selected date range. Use this information to determine the staffing resources needed to answer calls

  • Outbound Calls Answered (Busiest time) - Is a heat map that shows the time of day when the most calls you place are answered. This can give you insight into your target audience and when they are most likely to pick up the phone, and you are most likely to connect with a viable prospect. This report will also help understand your staffing needs for maximum efficiency

All of the data displayed is taken from the regular smrtPhone dialer itself, smrtDialer, or both, depending on what you select in the Products to be displayed.

kpi answer rates overview

Choose the Product from the drop-down menu on the right side.

Why Use Overview Reporting?

Clients use this report for a high-level view of the activity on the account. It helps to match against billing or to identify areas that need further investigation. We like to think of it as a dashboard of your total account activity.

Save the view or download the report from the top right options available. You can create more than one view, and make it public, for your team with granted permissions or just private.

You can also drop down the Views menu and see other Views available. Those views can be overwritten and saved again.

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