To access the biggest benefits of smrtPhone's all-in-one system, you must be part of a CRM that has an integration with our system.

Currently, smrtPhone integrates with:

  • Podio

  • Salesforce (Left Main and Billions configuration)

  • InvestorFuse

CRM integrations coming soon:

  • Salesforce (general / AppExchange)

  • REISift

  • High Level

Deep integration with a CRM is core to the value smrtPhone brings. We aren't just another cloud-based phone system. We are specifically built to bring your communications data into your CRM system, so you have the complete picture of how your business is running - and more opportunities to grow profitably.

We will continue to expand into additional CRMs over time. Feel free to open a chat with our team and let them know which CRM you'd like us to integrate with.

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