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CRM - Specific Documentation Overview
CRM - Specific Documentation Overview

Where to find documentation relating to your CRM integration with smrtPhone, whether you use Podio, Salesforce, InvestorFuse or another CRM.

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The vast majority of customization within smrtPhone is independent of your CRM platform. However, as every CRM is unique, there will be some settings that depend on which service you use and how our integration with that platform is designed.

Even though you will find mentions of CRM-specific settings within our general articles, there are a few features that differ across platforms. Information specific to your platform can be found here for smrtPhone and smrtDialer.

CRM Platforms with smrtPhone Integrations:

🌐 Podio: Including many custom CRM configurations such as REIvolution, BeastMode, DealPro, DIY Wholesaling, Wholesale Hackers, Streamline my REI, Easy Button REI, and many more.

☁️ Salesforce: Including custom CRM configurations: Left Main, Billions, and Streamline my REI.

⛰️ InvestorFuse: smrtPhone integrates with IF3

🥷 REISift: smrtPhone integrates with REISift

🟧 Forefront: smrtPhone integrates with Forefront CRM

⬆️ Realeflow: smrtPhone integrates with Realeflow CRM (beta)

Welcome to our big family, and let us guide you throughout our documentation!

smrtPhone Documentation Specific to Your CRM







smrtDialer Customization by CRM

Among our large collection of articles, you can also find help for customizing smrtDialer, specific to your CRM:

🌐 Podio power dialing

☁️ Salesforce power dialing

⛰️ InvestorFuse power dialing

🥷 REISift power dialing

🟧 Forefront power dialing - only for Excel-based Campaigns at this point

⬆️ Realeflow: coming soon

General smrtDialer Power Dialer information can be found in this collection of articles: smrtDialer - your Power Dialer

Access Our Collections to Find More:

🤼 Last but not least, feel free to reach out to our Support Team through the live chat whenever you feel the need on


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