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Podio Users: Changing how smrtPhone is set up with your Podio System
Podio Users: Changing how smrtPhone is set up with your Podio System

How to update your smrtPhone-Podio integration settings

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If you need to change something regarding your Organization, Contacts App, or Communications App that works in smrtPhone and Podio, this article is for you.

Note: this change in smrtPhone can be done only by the Account Owner!

Changing how smrtPhone is set up with your Podio System can be done by accessing your Admin Dashboard > Podio Settings. When the window pops up, select 'Continue Settings' to reorganize your setup.

Here, you can make some modifications to your setup or completely change it. Be aware that these are smrtPhone-Podio integration settings and so any changes affect both.

As an Account Owner, you have the option to:

Switch Organization

If you selected an incorrect organization when you set up your smrtPhone account, or one that is no longer active, you can switch to the right one, by clicking the blue button and select the one you need from the window that pops up.

โ— Keep in mind that now your workspaces will change too, from the current one to those existing in your newly switched Organization!

Changing organization requires a new configuration for the Contacts App and Communications App as well, which means that the current one will no longer be active (although your data will remain and can be accessed to look at historical records.)

Update Contacts App

The Contacts App points to the app that holds all your contacts in Podio. To completely change the Contacts App, click the green button and then you can choose the app that will be used be from now on. You will have to map the appropriate fields (name, phone number, etc.)

Communications App

This is where all your communication logs go, tracking calls, texts, and voicemails. You first established which one when you configured your smrtPhone account, determining to which Workspace is linked. Click the green button to check if your selection is the one you want, or reinstall it and select the one you wish.

โ—Keep in mind that reinstalling your Communications App means that the current one will cease to be active (becomes irrelevant for smrtPhone system) and the system will create a new Communications App which will store logs from now on. Your old data will still be in the deactivated App, but accessible for historical purposes only.

Note: we recommend making changes in your settings only if necessary, to keep continuity in your data and reporting.

๐Ÿ‘โ€๐Ÿ—จ In case you need help with the first steps you made when you configured your smrtPhone account, please click here.

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