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How to get started with smrtPhone for Realeflow

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The Realeflow-smrtPhone Integration is in Beta

As a Beta user, you get 2 free months of smrtPhone Pro in exchange for giving us feedback and helping refine the integration before it goes to general release.

Currently included in the Realeflow-smrtPhone Beta is:

  • Web App

  • Chrome Extension for click-to-call

  • Mobile App for iOS and Android.

smrtDialer is not yet available, but will be coming soon!

How to Start Your smrtPhone Account

To become a Beta tester of smrtPhone for Realeflow, you must be invited by the Realeflow team.

Activate the Integration

  1. Log in to your Realeflow CRM

  2. Click Open the Profile menu from the upper right

  3. Under Settings click on Integrations

  4. From the smrtPhone Integration box, click on Connect Account

  5. Complete the pop-up form including: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email, and Phone Number. This information will be used for the Account Owner in smrtPhone, and can be changed at a later date. Once it is completed, click Submit.

These steps will open smrtPhone in a new tab, and your smrtPhone account will be created with the contact information you included.

Once you complete the pop-up form, an email will be sent to the address you provided that will include your smrtPhone login credentials.

Set Up Your smrtPhone Account

Once you complete the above steps inside of Realeflow, you will need to complete the account setup inside of smrtPhone.

  1. Save your automatically generated password. After signing up inside of Realeflow, you'll be sent an email with your account password. (You can change it later, if you'd like.) Check your junk folder if you don't see it in your inbox. Save this password - you'll need it later!
    You should be dropped directly into the smrtPhone Setup, but if you're not or if you accidentally closed the smrtPhone tab, you can get to start of the setup at

  2. Choose your plan - As a Beta user, you get 2 free months of smrtPhone Pro. Therefore, we recommend you select Pro-Monthly. You can switch this subscription to Standard at any time without penalty.

  3. Enter your credit card details. During the Beta period, your subscription will be free, but you must pay for transactional usage such as phone numbers, outbound/inbound call minutes, inbound text messages, etc. More information about usage can be found here.

  4. Enter the Beta Promo code to ensure your 2 free months of subscription. This code should have been given to you by Realeflow.

  5. Read the summary at the bottom of the page to ensure that you have selected the Pro monthly plan and if it's correct, click Submit. As a Beta tester, your free trial is different than other users. The cancelation date listed here is for a typical non-beta user, so you can ignore it.

If you have any trouble or questions during setup, please reach out on live chat, weekdays from 9am-9pm ET.

Activate Your smrtPhone Account

Once you have completed the above steps, you will enter into the smrtPhone Dashboard, also known as the Web App. There are just a few more simple steps!

  1. Verify your Identity using a government issued ID. We are required by federal and state telecom compliance laws to verify the identify of our users. This is a simple process, completed through the Stripe verification portal. We do not retain this information, but it is required to move ahead.

  2. Activate your subscription. You will be automatically placed into a Trial status, which has limited functionality. Because you have 2 free months, using your coupon code, you can activate immediately without any subscription charges using the button at the top of the dashboard.
    At the end of your 2 month Beta testing period, you will begin to incur subscription charges. You can change your subscription level at any time - you can move to a Standard subscription and/or lock in to an annual plan for added savings.

  3. Download the Chrome Extension. Our Chrome Extension is what powers click-to-call inside of your CRM and allows you to receive incoming calls, place outgoing calls, and access your text and voicemail inboxes from any tab of your browser. You don't even have to be logged into Realeflow or smrtPhone! If you're logged into the Chrome Extension, all calls will be automatically logged/synced back to the CRM.

  4. Install the Mobile App. smrtPhone comes with a free, fully synced, full-featured Mobile App that allows you to take all of your CRM contacts and phone numbers on-the-go.

You must have at least one phone number in your smrtPhone phone number portfolio to be able to use the Chrome Extension and Mobile App.

Customize Your smrtPhone Account

Now it is time for you to set up your account in the way that makes the most sense for your business. Start in your Admin Panel and get going with the basics, including:

  • Inviting Users and setting up teams. In Realeflow, all users are invited using their email addresses. You can organize them into teams for shared inboxes and many Inbound Flow options.
    Learn more about User Management

  • Purchasing Phone Numbers. You can also port in existing phone numbers, but this takes a bit of time. If you choose to port in numbers, we recommend getting started with a few new/interim numbers so you are fully familiar with smrtPhone by the time your numbers are transferred.
    Learn more about Phone Number Management

  • Setting up Inbound Flows. You get to decide exactly what happens to any inbound communication, using our drag-and-drop editor. Each phone number can point to only one flow, but you can use the same flow for many phone numbers.

  • Top up & play around! You can even set up Auto Top-up, so you don't have to think about it. You are all set to get started using the system and experiencing the power of deep integration with your CRM.

Give us your Feedback!

We are eager to hear your feedback. Realeflow is setting up a Google Doc and a Survey to collect your feedback. We want to hear what you like, what you wish was different, and your ideas for how to make the integration better.

🔊 Please share your feedback proactively and frequently! 🎉

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