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Podio Users: How to create custom Inbound/Outbound Call Statuses
Podio Users: How to create custom Inbound/Outbound Call Statuses

How to add new Inbound/Outbound Buttons

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This article is for Podio Users. If you are a Salesforce, REISift, Forefront, or InvestorFuse User who would like to create custom Call Statuses, head over here>>

smrtPhone gives you the option to add custom inbound or outbound statuses that you can later trigger and use from the dialer.

In order to add a new status, you will need to head over to your Communications App inside Podio and to edit the template by clicking on the little wrench icon.

From here, all you need to do is to edit your Inbound or Outbound status by adding a new category that will be transformed in a button inside smrtPhone. For this example, new categories are added under the default ones and the template will be saved by pressing Done

As you can see, the new category is now present inside the dialer as an option that can be selected. 

Note: Please make sure that you do not delete or modify the default template and values as this will trigger errors in the system. You should ONLY ADD values next to the default ones.

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