Custom Status Filters for smrtDialer

Personalize your Status Filters in order to keep better track of your Campaign's calls.

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Why is a Call Status Useful?

Call Statuses help you finalize a call, allowing you to mark a communication status so you know what the next steps for follow-up should be. They help you track the effectiveness of your calls.

Learn how to use these to your advantage.

Please keep in mind that call statuses are not action buttons and will not trigger workflows or webhooks. They only set a status for your call for your records.

This article issues the Status Filters customization for integrated CRMs, with some exceptions:

Access the Configuration Window

Access smrtDialer > Setup > Call Statuses to customize your smrtDialer Status Filters/Call Status.

Add a new call status - Type in the name and press the blue plus ➕ button.

Delete a call status - Click on the gray ✖️ button to the right of the call status you want to remove.

There are some default Call Statuses that are fixed (DNC, Converted, Callback, Voicemail, Not Interested & Wrong Number), and you can add up to 10 custom Call Statuses of your own. Call Statuses can be assigned colors to better organize and keep track of your calls.

Decide What Happens with Status Filters in your smrtDialer Campaign

View your Status Filters from the Call Engine tab of smrtDialer Campaign Settings. Only the Account Owner and Users with granted permissions have access to this section.

Here, you get to decide what happens if the call meets the conditions from Status Filters and Wrong Number Filters.

Call Statuses in Your smrtDialer Campaign

Once you start dialing the campaign, these windows will start being populated with the information pulled from lists.

After you hit the Finalize Call button to end a Call, your Call Status will appear. You can choose only one Call Status for each call.

InvestorFuse Users have to manually push their unsuccessful leads after a Call Session. Read more about this here: How filters (call statuses) work in smrtDialer

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