Receiving a Call in the Dialer

This article will show you how to answer a call in the smrtPhone Dialer

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Our dialer gives you a streamlined way of receiving calls.

While you are in the smrtPhone Web Application, when a new call comes in, the Dialer will drop down and display all available call details. You will see what number is calling you, any associated contact record details from your CRM, and which number of yours is being dialed. You have some options when it comes to actions:

  • To answer the call, click the green button

  • When a call is connected, you have all of the same call controls and actions as were available in outbound calls

  • When the call is complete, you will have the ability to edit or add call notes and finalize the call

  • The call will now appear in your recent call logs within the Dialer

Check out this video to see an inbound call in action with the Dialer:

If you have the Click-to-Call set for the Chrome Extension but are actively looking at the smrtPhone web application, both the Dialer in the smrtPhone tab AND the Chrome Extension inbound call banner will appear.

You can choose where you'd like to answer the call - in the tab or in the Chrome Extension. Whichever you choose is where you will manage the call, enter call notes, and finalize the call.

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