Trigger Webhook Setting in SMS Flow

How to send a Webhook based on receiving a text message

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We have implemented Trigger Webhook to our SMS Applets for SMS Inbox and Save and Reply, as you can see below, once you create your SMS Flow:

Head to Admin > Call Flows and select the SMS Flow that you want to modify.

Drag and drop the Applet and toggle on the Trigger Webhook button.

Add the link to the webhook in the box below.

Once turned on, it will activate the trigger for an HTTP POST webhook when the message is received. It can be used with Globiflow Webhooks, for example, or other Webhooks you might want to use for your CMR.

The following variables will be sent: from, to, message.

🌐 Podio Users: This can be used to automate your work and take advantage of Podio. If you aren't sure what a webhook is or how to use Podio Workflow Automation (Globiflow), we can recommend Podio developers who are very familiar with smrtPhone.

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