This option is helpful to ensure no text messages are overlooked or slip through the cracks. In addition to routing the incoming message through the smrtPhone system, you can send a notification to another non-smrtPhone phone number.

For example, you can have a notification message to your personal mobile phone.

SMS Notification is an Option within the SMS Applets

When you set up your SMS Flow and choose either SMS Inbox or Save & Reply, you have the option to be notified on an alternative number that you provide.

Drag and drop the desired applet to start setting up your SMS Flow.

After this step, you can choose the number(s) on which a notification will be received, in order to keep track of your smrtPhone texting.

You can add multiple numbers to get a notification on, but be sure to add them on separate lines.

To enable SMS Notification, simply switch the button from NO to YES, after you dragged and dropped the applet into the flow.

Even if the Inbox is set for a User or a Group, the notification can be sent on a personal number in a parallel fashion, to make sure you know it is there as soon as possible. Your smrtPhone Inbox not being affected.

❗Keep in mind that the notification will be only about the fact that you have a text message in your system, you will not be able to see the content of the text received, nor to respond to it from the personal number(s) provided.

To do so, you just get into your smrtPhone Inbox, where you can both see the content and also reply to it. Each notification message counts as an outbound text message for billing purposes.

Notification on screen

You are also notified in-app - free of charge - with a small popup and a gentle sound every time that you receive a text message (or a voicemail/MMS).

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