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Setting an Automatic Text Reply (Save & Reply Applet) - SMS Flow
Setting an Automatic Text Reply (Save & Reply Applet) - SMS Flow

Send an automated response to incoming texts

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With our SMS Flow editor, you determine exactly what happens to every incoming text message. With the Save & Reply Applet, you have the option to send a pre-set message back.

To configure your inbound SMS flows, go to Admin Dashboard > Call Flow and then select Create SMS Flow (if you never created one) or select the envelope icon ✉️ to modify a previously created flow.

Save and Reply

The Save & Reply applet logs the incoming text message into the inbox you choose (either for a User or a Team) and sends a predetermined message back to the original sender.

This feature is completely customizable, but examples include:

  • Confirming receipt and letting your contact know the average response times.

  • Use in conjunction with the SMS Menu, to send set information, such as office hours or location, based on a key press.

  • Instructions on how to opt-out/unsubscribe

Setting the Save & Reply Options

Once you drag the Save & Reply applet into the SMS flow, a dialogue box will open with options:

Set the options that work best for you:

  • Owner & Inbox - Choose who receives the messages, either a User or a Team.

  • Send a response to the sender

    • YES - The sender will receive back a preset message (that you customize)

    • NO - No response will be sent

    • YES - A notification will be sent to an alternative phone number/set of numbers that you provide. For example, you can have it notify you on your personal mobile phone outside of your smrtPhone account. If you want to add multiple numbers to get a notification, each number will be added to a separate new line in the box. For each notification sent, it will count toward your text message usage.

    • NO - No notification

  • Trigger Webhook

    • YES - Triggers an HTTP POST webhook when the message is received (can be used with Globiflow/PWA Webhooks, for example)

    • NO - Nothing is triggered when a message is received

The number you add in the SMS Save & Reply Applet must be an external, non-smrtPhone number. Otherwise, a loop of messages occurs. We suggest using your personal number to get notified, as this feature is blocked for smrtPhone numbers,

no matter the CRM.

🥳 Your Save & Reply is complete!

You're ready to move on to the next applet that you wish to use in your SMS flow, or save and move on.

💡 How Webhook works ⇢

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