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How do I sign up for smrtDialer if I am a current smrtPhone user?
How do I sign up for smrtDialer if I am a current smrtPhone user?

How an active subscriber can add smrtDialer power dialer to their account

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Only Account Owners can add smrtDialer to the account because it affects billing.

As a current user of smrtPhone, there are two ways you can sign up for smrtDialer

  1. Directly activate a subscription from the smrtDialer icon in the left navigation

Scenario 1: Activate a trial

From the Web App dashboard, you can start a smrtDialer trial.

This information will show up on the bottom of your Dashboard, every time you open up your smrtPhone Web App, even if you are on trial for smrtPhone as well.

After you started your free smrtDialer trial, you will get a notification counting down the remaining time. You can choose to upgrade to a paid subscription directly from that banner.

Please, be aware of smrtDialer trial limitations:

If you already have a smrtPhone subscription and the smrtDialer subscription is only in the trial, your calls are not limited to 3 minutes, yet they are limited to a maximum of 100 calls/day, one single-liner seat, and one Outbound Caller ID.

You can upgrade to a paid subscription at any time, by clicking on the green "Upgrade" button.

Note: Please, be aware that the trial does not automatically flip into a subscription. In order for this to happen, you have to activate it manually.

Scenario 2: Directly activate a smrtDialer subscription

Navigate to the smrtDialer menu in the left navigation of your Dashboard, and as Account Owner, you can sign up for smrtDialer from there.

You simply click on the smrtDialer Icon and then you can choose a type of subscription that would help you and your business.

Note: Please, keep in mind that for this scenario, you need to have a paid smrtPhone subscription.

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