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How Can I See Which of My Numbers is Being Called?
How Can I See Which of My Numbers is Being Called?

You will always see both the Caller's ID and your own.

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When you receive an incoming call, you will always be able to see the Caller's ID and your own. In previous updates, you had to choose which you wanted to see, but that is no longer the case.

Default Caller ID in Call Flows

The Caller ID and Friendly Name for your smrtPhone number being dialed will appear in all of your Dialers - so you will know which number of yours is being called. The number of the person calling you will be displayed prominently on your Dialer as the call comes in. You will so both numbers easily, so you know who is calling, and which of your numbers they're attempting.

If your Dial Applet/Round Robin Applet was created prior to May of 2022, you can still see this in your Call Flow options and switch it. But once you set it on default (meaning to show Caller's Number), this option to switch between different views will become default and the drop-down menu will disappear.

Why are my Incoming Calls not Showing the Caller's Number?

If you encounter this situation, the most common cause for this is a missed setting within the Call Flow. Some of the Call Flows created before May 2022 have the option to switch the Caller ID.

This means that you might need to re-establish the settings for the Caller ID in your Call Flow Dial Applet, in order to show other numbers than your own.

Access your Call Flow from your Admin Dashboard and select Edit Call Flow for the User in question. Here, you can configure the Dial Applet and choose Default in order to re-establish a proper function.

For a better understanding of this issue, please check our documentation on how to build a Call Flow β‡’

In Case you Have Other Views in the Caller ID Menu...

  • Caller's Number - Displays the number of whoever placed the call. This is similar to a traditional Caller ID. If the number is in your contacts, your contact information will show. If the number is not in your contacts, it will simply show the numeric digits.

  • Receiving Number - This is the phone number you are being reached at.

  • The Friendly Name of the phone number being called - This can be helpful if you want to know that the call coming in is for a specific Team you are a part of or possibly a tracking number tied to a specific marketing campaign.

Once you set the Caller ID to default, this option to switch between different views will be remembered, and the drop-down menu will disappear.

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