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What does Phone Number Depth mean?
What does Phone Number Depth mean?

Learn about this important smrtDialer Campaign setting

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In smrtDialer Campaign Settings, Phone Number depth represents how many numbers to dial per lead if lead records have multiple numbers associated with it.

In other words, sometimes lead lists include multiple contact phone numbers for a single person. Phone Number Depth allows you to set how many numbers per lead will be called while running a smrtDialer Campaign.

A higher number assures a higher success in reaching the lead. Once a lead is reached at one of the numbers, the others are not dialed. Currently, integrated CRMs that have also opted for smrtDialer can select up to 10 numbers in phone depth.

New Campaigns: You must set desired phone number depth within the campaign you are creating during setup.

Existing Campaigns: You can modify this setting with an existing campaign by going to Settings > Call Engine and making your desired adjustment.

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