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smrtLeads - BETA
smrtLeads Overview & Setup
smrtLeads Overview & Setup

Introduction to our lead management product that helps you be more intelligent with your outreach

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smrtLeads by smrtPhone is a smart way to ensure your lists of leads are clean, authentic, and ready to be called.

smrtLeads is Currently in Beta

For the moment, smrtLeads is in Open Beta. During this time, subscription fees are waived and you are responsible only for usage - accrued through DNC scrubbing or Skip Tracing.

For our beta launch, smrtLeads includes:

  • Two list source options

    1. Webhook

    2. Excel upload

      Coming in the future: CRM upload

  • Two data cleansing tools

    1. DNC Scrubbing against the National Do Not Call Registry

    2. Skip Tracing

      Coming in the future: Live activity monitoring to minimize disconnected numbers

  • Two options to "push" a lead

    1. Push to CRM

    2. Create a custom Dial List to build a smrtDialer campaign upon

      You can also export lists from smrtLeads

You can easily find our product: by accessing your smrtPhone Dashboard, the Admin Panel, and then, clicking the Target icon 🎯 you will discover smrtLeads by smrtPhone.

How to Activate smrtLeads (Beta)

To sign up for smrtLeads, head to the "target" icon 🎯 just below the smrtDialer icon πŸ“žin the left navigation. Follow the prompts to activate smrtLeads on your account.

smrtLeads Setup

Before you actually start using the smrtLeads, you need to configure it.

Besides the Components, which you will find listed below, you also need to map the Statuses.

Access smrtLeads > Setup and start mapping your smrtDialer with the smrtLeads ones.

Here, you choose which of the smrtDialer Statuses you want to designate for your smrtLeads calls. For example, any Call Status set to Wrong Number will ensure that a specific number is not called again in that Campaign. Any leads that have multiple numbers will still have their other numbers called.

smrtLeads Components

There are three main steps to using smrtLeads. Follow the links below to learn more:

smrtLeads Pricing

To use smrtLeads, you must have a smrtPhone subscription (Standard or Pro.) While not required, it is recommended to have a smrtDialer subscription, so you can take advantage of Dial Lists and use smrtLeads to its full potential.

How much does smrtLeads cost?

smrtLeads operates on a transparent, pay-as-you-go, subscription + usage model.


During the beta phase, the smrtLeads subscription fee will be waived. We anticipate subscription fees will be charged starting in late 2023.

The exact price for a smrtLeads subscription is not finalized at this time. We project the cost to be around $100/month per account (not per user), but this is not confirmed and may change based on the beta period.

There will be discounts available for paying for a year in advance.


You will be responsible for usage fees within the smrtLeads product. Just as with smrtPhone and smrtDialer, usage fees will be deducted from your account's credit balance.

Usage is accrued based on:

  • Skip tracing: $0.125 per successful skip trace

  • DNC scrubbing: $0.012 per lead scrubbed

To understand usage charges you may have incurred, you can check the Billing section your Account Menu from the upper right of your smrtPhone dashboard.


Just as all smrtPhone products, smrtLeads is a pay-as-you-go, no strings attached, no contract requirement subscription product. You can cancel at any time.

Please make sure you are familiar with our refund policy.

To learn more about why we think a pay-as-you-go model is the best for you to control your business costs, please read our article about Unlimited vs Pay as You Go pricing models >>


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