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Why Don't You Offer Support Over the Phone?
Why Don't You Offer Support Over the Phone?

Live Chat is a more effective and efficient mode of providing support for smrtPhone products compared to phone support

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We often get ask: If you are a phone system, why don't you offer phone support?

While we can definitely support you with your smrtPhone, the decision to prioritize Live Chat is based on speed to resolution.

Our Support Team is available on live chat weekdays from 9am ET - 9pm ET. Non-emergency after hours messages are returned the next business day.

Here are some reasons why chat support is better for troubleshooting smrtPhone:

Easy to share how-to guides

We have an extensive collection of over 300 guides, explainer videos, how-to instructions, and articles illustrated with detailed screenshots in our documentation. (You are reading one of those articles right now!) The solutions to many questions asked of Support can be quickly found and shared via chat. That way, we don't have to reinvent the wheel of explaining and you know you're getting accurate, vetted information.

Go at your own pace

When we share guides, it saves you the time of having to have us slowly explain each step. You can go at your own pace. And once you're done with the first question you can easily find additional articles that will help you with the next step, rather than have to reach back out. It puts you in control and empowers you to understand the system better.

Be on the same page

When you can share screenshots or screen recordings (Looms) of the issues you are encountering, it is easy for us to understand exactly the challenge you are facing.

And the same goes in reverse: when we can send an image with a button circled or an area highlighted, you can quickly understand what we mean. When you have to describe a technology issue over the phone, sometimes terminology can be tricky. By literally being on the same page, we can easily understand the root cause, work together, and get your issue solved.

Quick access to important information

When our team is focused online, we can instantly view your account activity, system details, and other information to troubleshoot quickly. While the service we provide is to deliver voice and text communications integrated with your CRM, ultimately we are a software technology. Sometimes we need to "look under the hood" to solve an issue.

Support can take the time it needs - and you can work while you wait

Sometimes we need to investigate an issue and if you were on the phone, that would be a very boring, long pause for you. Because we are providing support through live chat, you can continue with your business and have confidence that you'll hear from us the instant we have the answer for you. No unnecessary dead time stuck listening to us type!

Answer you more quickly

The nature of live chat allows us to handle higher volumes of inquiries throughout the day. This means that you are going to get a response faster than you would if you called and had to wait on hold for an available representative. When we can get to you faster, we can get your problem solved faster, too.

Answer you more thoroughly

When we type our answers, it gives us a chance to think about the best, clearest way to explain something. Our team can look into issues and come back with the exact right answer. They can send a video, a loom, an article. If our team member needs more info from our side, they can ask someone else on the team or reach out to a developer to get an answer. This saves you "filler" time -- knowing that you're getting the exact information you need.

Better, centralized record-keeping

Online support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures no important details get lost in we need to escalate your issue to Tier 2.

When you have all of your questions, issues, or requests in one spot, you can always easily come back to the chat to review what we said. You don't have to take notes - it's all written out and saved for future reference again.

And, you won't need to repeat yourself either. We can re-read the messages and look over your images and videos. It lowers stress for everyone.

It doesn't mean you can never talk to us!

Depending on what you need, we can still organize a screen-sharing meeting. For Tier 2 tech support issues and for demonstrations/refreshers of our product suite, a Zoom meeting can be organized, with our Success Team. Book a meeting.

Our team gets consistently high ratings from customers

From September 2023 to March 2024, we answered over 23,723 chats and achieved a 90,5% customer satisfaction rating.

Comments left by clients during that time include:

"Fast and courteous response."

"Cosmin was extremely helpful and quickly looked into the issue we were experiencing right away, providing next steps and extra context. Really happy with the service we received."

"Quick & easy issue resolved. Appreciate the help & test run. Thank you Alessandro"

"Valentina is seriously the coolest"

"Quick response, fixed it fast."

"Very helpful and kind. Tries her best to answer all questions and concerns."

"Great and quick answer. He always helped me a lot"

"Helped escalate a mission critical fix for our business"

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