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smrtPhone wants to show its appreciation towards new and loyal clients alike.

So smrtPhone will offer occasionally and under some specific conditions, promotional codes applied to your subscription or to your balance.

These codes can only be accessed by the Account Owner and can be seen in Billing&Logs and also on your receipt.

Promotional codes for subscriptions

These promotional codes applied to subscriptions are received by the new clients, while in beta. This is our way to show gratitude for your trust in operating a system fusion.

You will be able to access these codes via our Support Team or via your CRM provider.

Promotional codes for balance

These promotional codes will be accessible for new clients and also for some existing clients, directly from the smrtPhone Admin Dashboard and they will be visible like actual money in your balance.

Troubleshooting while using codes

If you get an error while trying to apply the promotional code, the reasons are pretty simple:

  • The availability time for the code has expired

  • There is a typo while applying the code and you should try using the link

  • Any other type of error will show up while trying to activate the code will be displayed on your screen - you can reach out to our Support Team or your CRM provider

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