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Do you offer "Vanity Numbers"?

smrtPhone does not provide designated special numbers.

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Vanity numbers are local or toll-free telephone numbers that represent an easily remembered sequence of numbers (or letters) for marketing purposes. They can improve advertising effectiveness due to better engagement and higher recall of contact information.

smrtPhone does not offer vanity phone numbers!

However, we can help you port them to our system if you secure them through a vanity phone number provider.

Moreover, the smrtPhone system offers its users CNAM Registration as a safe way to personalize their Caller IDs.

Of course, you can always try to find the specific number you want to use in our system when buying a number.

If you weren't lucky enough to find your desired number offered by our provider, you can get vanity numbers from companies like:

If you already have vanity or easy dial numbers and you want to use them in smrtPhone, please contact our Support Team, and they will guide and help you through the process.

Once a number is ported into your smrtPhone account, the system will begin to track them in KPI reporting.

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