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Check your Campaign's progress per each call session.

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Tracking Campaigns

smrtDialer offers the option to keep track of your leads in various ways. Whether you want to see how many times a campaign was run, the time spent in a campaign, or the total number of leads imported or converted, and other useful information about the campaign, you can see them all by accessing your Campaigs' list.

Moreover, you can keep track of events that occurred by sessions. Access the campaign you are interested in accessing smrtDialer > Campaigns > your interest.

Once you are here, let's say you are interested in a particular session that, for various reasons, you want to verify.

From this window, press the name of the agent that called that session in particular, and you can see the details of that session as follows:

Agent Window Overview

Session report:

  • Campaign - Shows you the name of the current campaign that you accessed.

  • Session duration - Shows you the entire time spent calling in this particular smrtDialer Campaign, the moment when the calling session started, and the moment it ended.

  • Leads converted - The number of leads that were marked as converted in this session.

Session Breakdown:

  • Dial time - The total amount of time spent dialing leads.

  • Talk time - Real talk with customers, connected phone calls.

  • Break time - The entire time when the agent used the pause button while running this session in this campaign.

  • Idle time - The time spent connected to the call session but not making calls. This time could have been used for leaving notes or applying call statuses to that call, for example.

  • Finalize time - The time spent between the hung-up moment and the moment when the Finalize Call action button is pressed. You spent this time adding call notes or setting the Call Status.

Call Statistics:

  • Calls made - The number of calls made during this particular session.

  • Not connected calls - This shows you the total numbers that failed to connect while calling this session.

  • DNC leads - Informs you about the number of leads that were marked and put on the Do Not Call list.

  • Average call duration - Makes an average out of your calls, giving you an idea of how the session went.

  • Resync Data - If the session has any delays in showing the time, click the Resync Data button, and it will refresh in a moment.

Long story short, this is the easiest way for you to monitor the progress of agents and campaigns altogether.

This Session report is per agent, per session, not overall, meaning you can easily track how much time is spent on calling in smrtDialer.

Overall details can be seen in the Campaign's details tab.

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