While using smrtPhone and any of its dialers, and you are on a call, you can transfer it.

Call transfer, or call forwarding, is a pretty basic feature that implies the relocation of a call, no matter if it is incoming or outgoing communication, to another phone number or system.

smrtPhone system provides its users with two types of transfer: warm and cold. These are available for all smrtPhone's dialers, including the Mobile Apps.

Warm transfer

Warm Transfer is a PRO feature that will create a Conference Call between the agents and the person on the line (you can add multiple users/phone numbers to the conference (up to 250 participants per call, not only coworkers).

Read more about the Warm Transfer by reading this article here: Warm Transfer & Group/Conference Calling (Pro Feature) >>

Note: If you toggle off the PRO Dialing feature in your system, you will not be able to perform a warm transfer, only a cold one.

Cold Transfer

Cold Transfer does not require a smrtPhone Pro subscription.

While on a call, you can choose to perform:

  • an internal transfer towards a coworker: by typing the User's name

  • external transfer to a phone number:

    • Typing the phone number

    • Searching for a Contact's name

If one of the Contacts is a smrtPhone user, the call will follow their Call Flow setup.

How it works

As a Pro subscriber: while on a phone call and you want to transfer it, you will see on your dialer's box the option to Add Call. This will open the transfer box in which you can type in the details required for the transfer.

And if you have Pro Dialing activated, depending on the choice you made, you will remain on the call or you will be disconnected once the transfer is initiated.

As a Standard subscriber: while on a phone call and you want to transfer it, you will see on your dialer's box the option Transfer. This will open the transfer box and you will proceed with the transfer. You will be immediately disconnected once you press Transfer and your lead will remain on the line until the 3rd party answers.

If the 3rd party is a smrtPhone user and does not have a voicemail set up, after the dial timeout the call will disconnect for the transfer too.

When you make an internal transfer to a specific user, the call will ring for the same amount of seconds that your smrtPhone account has been set to. This is called Ring Timeout and since it's an outbound call it can be managed from Account Settings.

As with any transfer, there is always the option for the 3rd to accept or decline the transfer. In this case, the difference is made by your subscription level and settings. If you have a standard subscription or your Pro Dialing option is turned off and no one answers, your call will disconnect.

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