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Infrastructure Improvements

Big updates may mean service hiccups, but it will be worth it

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Big Changes for Better Performance

In September 2023, smrtPhone began undertaking huge changes to our infrastructure, compliance framework, and carrier system. This massive upgrade will provide our clients with better, faster, and more stable service. Plus, it will provide better guardrails and guidance for adherence to all telecom regulations and industry standards that will keep your accounts healthy and active.

We are working diligently so these behind-the-scenes updates do not impact you. However, we want to be straightforward that there may be some temporary interruptions in service as we make the changes.

We are so sorry for this inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience. We also promise it will all be worth it!

What to Do if you Encounter a Problem

If you do experience an interruption in service, please reach out to our Support team via live chat. They are available weekdays 9am-9pm ET, and we monitor the chats for emergencies over the weekends. Live chat is available from the Web App, website, documentation portal (look to the bottom right), and the Settings tab of the Mobile App.

We will be posting known service status updates inside of our live chat messenger, so you will be aware if any issues you are experiencing are specific to you or affecting all customers.

Compliance in the Spotlight

Over the last several years, but especially the last few months, U.S. telecom compliance has been in a heavy spotlight from the FCC and FTC.

If you'd like more information, we suggest reading our documentation collection on Security and Compliance and watching smrtPhone CEO Jordan Fleming's recent compliance webinar (hosted by partner REISift) .

Watch the webinar below:

Upcoming Changes

In addition to increasing the security and stability of our infrastructure, you will experience the upgrades in these ways:

Required Business Center Profile

Starting September 15, 2023, we require all clients to have a completed Business Profile in our Trust Center. This is a quick process that identifies your business information, EIN, and authorized representatives. It helps to weed out bad actors and makes communications easier for legitimate businesses like yours.

Faster A2P 10DLC Approvals

Our new processes and procedures will result in a 72-hour approval window for A2P registration and campaign validation. We are working with new partners to streamline the review process.

Increase Text Compliance

We will monitor text messages for non-compliant content, such as banned words like cannabis or any hate speech or phishing links. This was already done at a carrier level, but now we will be monitoring within smrtPhone to identify issues before they become problems. Multiple violations may result in text capabilities being disabled.

Thank You for Your Patience

We want to emphasize that we are doing everything we can to not only avoid any service interruptions but to create an even better experience for you and your company moving forward.

We really appreciate your understanding and patience during this transition time.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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