Of course! Many of our clients will have additional phone numbers that are assigned to a department and rings to one or multiple people.

Common examples include: Sales, Customer Services, and Billing departments.

You can buy as many numbers as you’d like and, using our powerful “drag and drop” Flow creator, assign them to a user or a group of users. You can also set up IVR phone menus that give your customers options on what to select when they call your number in order to be routed to a specific user or group.

Step 1: Create a Group for the Department

To create a Flow for an Incoming Call that will route to multiple people within a department, first you need to create a Group for those people/departments. Learn more about User & Group Management >>

Even if you have only one person in a department, it is best to create a Group and name it for the department. This allows you to add team members as you grow, or if someone leaves and is replaced, you only have to replace them within the Group, not in the individual Flows.

Step 2: Create a Call Flow that Directs Incoming Calls on a Specified Number to the Group

After you have the Group established, go to Admin -> Flows. Create a new flow for that Group with the Dial and/or IVR Menu applets.

You can have the Group ringed right away, using the Dial Applet, or you can have them called based on a menu selection from the IVR.

You can also use the Round Robin Applet to have the team called in a sequential order, making sure inbound calls are evenly distributed versus whoever answers first.

Make sure you assign the related phone number to this new flow.

Learn More About Inbound Communication Settings Options:

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