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The Dial applet is an essential applet inside the flow creator. It allows you to select which user/group of users will receive the call once somebody calls a certain line.

The 'Dial applet' gives you the option to select which person should receive the call. You can either select a member of your account, a group that you created or to forward the call to an external phone number. The external number could be any phone number. 

Simultaneous Call

The 'Simultaneous Call' feature gives you the option to have all the active devices ring at the same time when somebody calls your line.

 If you choose to enable this option, all the members within the group that you previously assigned in the "Dial" box will be called at the same time ( the system will call both the dialers within the browsers and their personal devices at the same time if they have an active personal device in their account)

Dial Timeout

The 'Dial Timeout' lets you control for how long a call should ring until it advances to the next step in the flow.

Caller ID

'Caller ID' controls what number is displayed to the recipient of the call. You can select the following option: Caller's Number / Receiving Number/ One of your active lines.

Say Before Dial

The 'Say Before Dial' option helps you display an audio message to the caller before it actually dials the line, similar to a greeting. You have the option to input a text that will be read by an automated voice, to record using your phone or to upload an existing MP3 file.

Call Recording

The 'Call Recording' gives you the option to record your incoming calls from ringing, from answering or to disable the feature. The recordings are stored in your Communications App for each call.

Announce the User

The 'Announce the User' feature tells the smrtPhone recipient the name of the person called.

If nobody answers you have the option to take a voicemail or to advance to another applet from the flow creator. This can be fully customized in order to better represent your needs.

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